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Fuse is a vital but neglected component. Proper Selection and good quality will ensure protection of costly components and instruments. But unless proper care is taken in selection fuse becomes a NUISANCE or a SHOW PIECE. Good quality and proper selection is a must if you want to protect your instrument.

Why Reliance???

We are proud to state that Reliance fuse exactly maintains the time current characteristics as fuse is supposed to. And this has been confirmed by number of renowned laboratories in India.


Reliance fuses are approved by C-DOT, ERTL and many other leading laboratories such as Philips, BEL etc. We also manufacture as per American (UL or MIL specification) or British specification as per requirement of customers. Other different types of fuses that we make are

With the rich experience in manufacturing fuses we are capable of catering any special requirement of the customers.

Reliance Products

For special types please contact with original samples.